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Once the intellect is established in the Braham, then the Chit is filled with Knowledge and the Ananda is bestowed on him/her. Such is the state of SadChitAnand. The seeker now becomes immortal and is respected around the world as a Deity and acquires a prominent position in the Universe. The course brings all the information and Upasana to the highest level so that the seeker benefits the grace and bliss of the Almighty. He needs to abandon the previous Upadis to enter this stage. And then only he/she can qualify for the highest bliss known as Paramanand. He/she shall be blessed with the Upadhi of Paramanand at the initial stage and later on he/she can get to ever higher ananda Upadhi of SadBrahmanand. This stage consists of many Upadhis from time to time such as Kratvidh - highest of mens, Mitra - the friend, Sakshi - the witness, etc. This course is designed for Chit Shuddhi and Nivrati Poshak in the highest degree of Upasana and Knowledge, pure to purity, establishing oneself to the absolute Dharma. The seeker learns to establish his Shakti to the Chit Bhava and Sat Bhava by the Upasana and right knowledge acquired during the course.

The course involves deep theory lessons of the highest intellectual capacity which may not be understandable to many. Still the student can find at least his/her benefit. His/her association with many more students striving to the ultimate goal can be a lot of help.

The special examination is only for the super beings those who have attained the Upadhi of Paramhansa and are in a position to discard their Upadhis from external and well as internal. The course is divided into half and full and allows every participant to join to the half, being they have completed the earlier stage theoretically. 

All the participants will receive Certificate of Participation and those who clear the special examinations will get different Upadhis at due course of time during their transformation and will be eligible for the final stage to half and full both. The Upadhi shall be given only after strict supervision of the students during his participation of the course and the students should satisfy the divine principles mentioned in the Upanishads and only after the discretion of the Guru the award of the Upadhi shall be given to the person. The Guru shall be the final authority. No-one can claim that he/she has attained to the position to get the Upadhi. He/she shall witness his/her self itself which he/she shall notify the members of the Core Committee.

Note: The above course is partially theory which can be conducted in a classroom as stated above, but involves practical more in the form of Sadhana/Upasana and Pure Karma. It can be achieved only by the association with the Acharya and Guru and needs constant monitoring. This does not mean that the seeker has to stay with the Guru all the time, but he/she while doing his/her activities of her livelihood can be in touch with the Guru and his/her Acharya at their own convenience by visiting the Guru and his associates and informing about their advancement and experiences. They shall have to attend seminars and discussions, special prayers and festivals conducted time to time in the school or elsewhere conducted by the school. And when he/she develops the pure knowledge and truthfulness, when their Chit is absorbed in tranquillity then only the bliss can be achieved in the presence of the Guru - The Enlightened One.

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Practical Examination: Performance of Maha Yagna: The Sapt Havansamanvith Sangopang Vishwadarak Yaag.

Special Examination for Special Beings.

One-to-one Coaching

The individual class fees and one-to-one coaching fees are mentioned in the brochure.

The one-to-one coaching is only available to any individual or a family who can understand English or Hindi, if there is spare time with the enlightened master in his own town. But if you are willing to call him to your place then the fees will also include to and fro journey, food and lodging. For this the minimum topics would be ten.  



Final Stage


Duration of the Course

Full time:  1 Month (9 hrs per day - 8 hrs class room + 1 hr practice session)

Part time:  2.5 Months (4 hrs per day)

Course Fees

Fees of the course -  N/A.

Contents of the Course

1.   The Song of Enlightenment

2.   Muktikopnishad

3.   The Sacred Book of Sri Vishnu

4.   The Ten Avatars of Lord Sri Vishnu

5.   Vishnopasana - The Vedic Path

6.   The 24 Gurus of Dattatraye

7.   The story of Brahmin - Everything is God - Srimad Bhagvatam - 11th Skand

8.   Abstaining the Pravarti Dharma, Attainment of Shudh Chit Bhava

9.   The Friend of all the Universe

10. The most satisfied - State of Paramanada, Blissful State

11. The highest Truth known as Sat - The Shiva

12. The Ultimate Nivrati Dharma

13. The Sacred Book of Sri Shiva

14. Shivopasana

15. Overcoming the ultimate death

16. The 30 Minor Upanishad - Understanding the state of Ananda as its true witness

17. The Rajya Yoga - The second state with the three Ultimate Bhavas

18. In a state of Ananda, freedom from boredom

19. Being with the Divine Sri Purusha and Sri Prakriti together

20. The Sapt Havansamanvith Sangopang Vishwadarak Yaag - its performance, The only Yagna which is the giver of enlightenment