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The First Step into the Light Filled Path (Jyoti Path)

Gyanda is the first step into the light filled path known as Jyoti path. It is the first stepping stone towards the path of Enlightenment. This field is knowledge based and makes the seeker to know about the overall aspect and  strengthens the seeker to travel through the less talked path. The mysterious path was never discussed earlier by anyone and now the question is what the people actually know now.

Gyanda consists of all the required knowledge and hence solves all the mysteries of the spiritual world which has been always hidden throughout. It is the most important element of the spiritual path. Without this, the spirituality and its goal are in question.

The exact information vested in our spiritual books has been mapped and is presented scientifically and logically which makes learning.

This course is suitable to all age groups and it allows whole family to participate in learning and knowing everything what they require to be knowledge content. The topics covered in this course have never been discussed earlier and it remained dormant for a long period of time. So, the question is that what our world knows now? The real thing has been always hidden and today our world needs the right thing in its true form.

The course can be opted for full-time and part-time in classroom Learning mode and can also be done in Distance Learning mode as per one's feasibility. The full-time needs your total commitment for a whole long week.

The course is in English and Hindi as well. You can opt either for your benefit. The Distance Learning mode is only available presently in English language.

The courseware shall be provided at the time of the course in Classroom Learning mode and is copyrighted. For Distance education learners the courseware along with assignments shall be sent after the registration and submission of the fees to their designated place by Post/e-mail etc.

You and your family will be provided with a Certificate of Gyanda. Your entry towards the Jyoti Path or the Spiritual Life.

You can also purchase the courseware without going through practical lessons. For this you can write to us and pay the required fees in advance..

The individual class fees and one-to-one coaching fees are mentioned in the brochure which can be downloaded..

The one-to-one coaching is only available to any individual or a family who can understand English or Hindi, if there is spare time with the enlightened master in his own town. But if you are willing to call him to your place then the fees will also include to and fro journey, food and lodging. For this the minimum topics would be ten.

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Classroom Learning Mode: There shall be an Objective type paper (100 Questions of 1 marks each with total of 100 Marks) in which the participants should score at least 50 Marks for qualifying to the second stage of Enlightenment. All the participants will receive Certificate of Participation and those who clear will get Certificate in Gyanada and will be eligible for the second stage of Enlightenment.

The duration of the examination shall be of 2 hours.

Distance Learning Mode: The students have to undergo continuous evaluation by answering questions at the end of every topic/ assignments.

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Classroom Learning Mode
(English & Hindi)
Duration of the Course

Full Time - 1 Week (9 hrs per day,  8 hrs class room + 1 hr practice session)

Part Time - 15 Days (4 hrs per day)

Course Fees

Fees of the course - Indian Rs. 2100/= [Fees include for whole family + 1 friend for 5 topics {5 persons}] (cost of the courseware included)

Price of the Courseware - Indian Rs. 1500/= paid in advance by cheque/ Transfer/ VPP.

The course can be conducted in any town/city if there are about 20 candidates along with their families.

Contents of the Course

1.   The Song of Enlightenment

2.   The Vedas

3.   The Bhava Swaroop

4.   The Seven Knowledge and Seven Ignorance Fields

5.   Tattva Gyan

6.   Shakti

7.   Siddhi

8.   Dharma

9.   Karma

10. Karmishestra

11. The Thirty Three Deities

12. Chaturdash Loka

13. Bhava Shuddhi

14. Yogshakti

15. Gunas of Prakriti

16. Kala of God

17. Mantra Shakti

18. Vairagya

19. The Divine & the Demonic People

20. Gyan: The Knowledge

21. The Sixteen Stages: Veda Saar

22. Enlightenmenthood

23. Chakra Peeth Shuddhi


Distance Learning Mode
(Only English)
Duration of the Course

Min: 1 Month 

Max: 6 Months


Course Fees

Fees of the course - Indian Rs. 2100/= or US $ 31.00 (cost of the courseware included)

(Detail of the Fees - Registration fees: Rs. 100/=, Examination Fees: Rs. 100/=, Cost of the Courseware & postage: Rs. 1500/=)