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This course is designed as full and half course as the half course contains only information necessary for the seeker to know about this stage and involves only theory and reference.

The full course is only available to the seekers who have undergone the three stages of enlightenment successfully and have attained the Upadi of Acharya and are in the constant association with the Guru - The Enlightened One. This course is related to the Guru - Shishya Parampara and is mostly based on practical aspects learned during all the three stages. Though there are some theoretical aspects as a part of the syllabus but the secret is unfolded on certain occasions on the qualifications of the seeker and may be different to other seekers and is not time bound. But the theory classes are time bound and can be held in classes.

This stage is overcoming all the illusions known as Maya, above all the realms of the senses, mind, intellect and ego. The ability to see the Maya and its form is gained during this stage and needs a controlled life as per the needs. Deep Meditation and awareness are its prime necessity.

The students here learn the full concepts to understand and then experience the most important aspect to relieve from the misery of life, i.e, their illusion of the world.

They shall also learn the basic principles of the Upasana of the Five Gods and develop the Tej in themselves by which they shall be able to encounter the Maya Shakti. They also learn to transform the Shakti into the Highest Vigyan later. They become the witness of the Shakti called as Maya and it does not affect them. They shall develop the ability to rise up from the illusion and shall feel free from the attachments of the body and its necessity.

"I can see now the Maya and it does not affect me in any matter". Such experience shall the seeker attain during this stage and transforms to the next stage where he/she see the Braham above the Maya. He/she attains the Enlightenment of the first kind - Hans.

He/she shall be able to distinguish the nature of God - The Prakriti and the God - The Purusha and is in constant vision of the both. He/she never falls from this stage.

The seeker can also learn the basic inputs required for this stage to attain, and for this he/she can undergo the half course only on theoretical aspects and can do the practical lessons later at his/her own convenience. But this course can only be done if he/she follows a strict discipline in his/her life on food, living, and wellness (divine attributes).

This course can be only done by the seeker after an interview and a special entrance examination conducted from time to time.

The practical lessons can only be done after the ceremonies of purity as it involves direct union of the God and his Power.

Note: The above course is partially theory which can be conducted in a classroom as stated above, but involves practical more in the form of Sadhana/Upasana and Pure Karma. It can be achieved only by the association with the Acharya and Guru and needs constant monitoring. And when he/she develops the pure knowledge and truthfulness (Satvik Pravarti) then only the bliss can be achieved in the presence of the Guru - The Enlightened One. This course enables one to get into the Enlightenment of First Kind which is very rare phenomenon. This course is only for the divine peoples and generally if the seeker at any stage is exposed with demonic attributes he/she shall immediately be released out of the course. The purity is the main factor as he/she shall be in touch of the greatest powers of the Universe. The fear has no place in it as it is a SIN.

All the participants will receive Certificate of Participation and those who clear the special examinations will get Upadhi of Hans and will be eligible for the fifth stage to half and full both. They automatically rise to the Guardians Member of the Organization and occupy a prominent position as per the requirement, guiding other member for various task. The Upadhi shall be given only after strict supervision of the students during his participation of the course and the students should satisfy the minimum quorum of Acharya and only after the discretion of the Guru the award of the Upadhi shall be given to the person. The Guru shall be the final authority. No-one can claim that he/she has attained to the position to get the Upadhi, but can apply to it to the highest authority.

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One-to-one Coaching

The individual class fees and one-to-one coaching fees are mentioned in the brochure.

The one-to-one coaching is only available to any individual or a family who can understand English or Hindi, if there is spare time with the enlightened master in his own town. But if you are willing to call him to your place then the fees will also include to and fro journey, food and lodging. For this the minimum topics would be ten.  




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Duration of the Course
Full time - 1 week (9 hrs per day - 8 hrs class room + 1 hr practice session)

Part Time - 15 days (4 hrs per day)

Course Fees

Fees of the course -  N/A

Contents of the Course

1.   The Song of Enlightenment

2.   Guru Upasana, its necessity to overcome the Maya or illusion

3.   Panchopasna - The worship of the Five Gods and their Knowledge and their resemblance to each other

4.   Surya - The Sun, its importance, its role in Vedas, Upanishad. The Tej in our body and its rol

5.   The Ancient Sacred Book of Sri Surya

6.   Suryopasana - The Vedic Path, Suryopnishad

7.   Acquiring the Tej in our Body and winning over desire of the Earth, conquering the world and rising above it - its basic principles and experience. Release of all the sin and its attributes. The goal gets its seed and the seeker strives for only salvation. Never returns back

8.   Shakti - The Durga, its importance, its role in Vedas, Upanishad. The Tej transforming to Shakti - the ways during the Yoga. The Kundalini. Its awakening. Understanding its role as Maya.

9.   The Ancient Sacred Book of Sri Shakti.

10. The Devi Gita - From Devi Bhagvatam

11. Shaktiupasana - The Vedic Path.

12. Durga Shaptshati - Understanding the Shakti in its fullest

13. Its mantra to release from the bondage, its recitation and its final Bhava Samadhi.

14. The first awakening - rising above the odds, its true nature and beyond it.

15. The Leela or the Esh Karma

16. Shakti Chakra (from the Upanishad) - making and understanding it, invoking the Shakti element from it. Establishing the Peeth of Shakti.

17. The ability to see the Maya/Prakriti - The Enlightenment of the first kind

18. The absolute state - Paramhansa ( the 42 essential sutra)- composed by Hitendra Krishna Tewari