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Sanyasda is the second stage/step towards enlightenment. It is estimated that about six hundred thousands of Sanyasis are there roaming on this planet. And to a surprise that only few of them do know about the right knowledge of this path.

The ignorant peoples dress themselves as a Sanyasis for the sake of their belly, abandoning their work and family causing distress to themselves and other those who are attached to them.

After passing the Gyanda stage, the seeker gets all the knowledge and then he/she becomes knowledge content. But still he/she is attached to his Karma and its fruit. The fruit of Karma can only be released by the real knowledge of Sanyasda.

First of its kind the entire knowledge of Sanyasda is therefore available in its true form to everyone.

"Sanyaas is not attained by abandoning of the Karma/action, but it is achieved by releasing the fruits of Karma/action, and it is only possible with right kind of knowledge".

 A course so wonderful and meaningful that the seeker learns every aspects of the second stage towards enlightenment in a very systematized way with full reference at a very short time and gets eligible for enlightenment. Further, the seeker after completion of the course can understand the principles and practices of Yoga and even Vedanta.

All the participants will receive Certificate of Participation and those who clear will get Certificate in Sanyaas - Informative and will be eligible for the third stage of Enlightenment.  

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One-to-one Coaching

The individual class fees and one-to-one coaching fees are mentioned in the brochure.

The one-to-one coaching is only available to any individual or a family who can understand English or Hindi, if there is spare time with the enlightened master in his own town. But if you are willing to call him to your place then the fees will also include to and fro journey, food and lodging. For this the minimum topics would be five.  



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Duration of the Course

Full Time - 3 Days (9 hrs per day,  8 hrs class room + 1 hr practice session)

Part Time - 1 Week (4 hrs per day)

Course Fees

Fees of the course - Indian Rs. 1500/= (Fees include for whole family + 1 friend for 5 topics) (cost of the courseware included)

Price of the Courseware - Indian Rs. 1500/= paid in advance by cheque/ Transfer/ VPP.

The course can be conducted in any town/city if there are about 20 candidates along with their families.

Contents of the Course

1.   The Song of Enlightenment

2.   Sanyaas and its true meaning, myths in the society, the Me and the Mine principle

3.   Sanyaas - The beginning

4.   Dialogue between the Sages

5.   Types of Sanyasis

6.   Karma and its types, release of the fruits of action

7.   Vairagya

8.   Vivek - the Hans stage

9.   Paramhansa

10. Undestanding the Love


Distance Learning Mode
(Only English)
Duration of the Course

Min: 1 Month 

Max: 6 Months