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Enlightenment Studies

Enlightenment Studies comes in seven semester and is first of its kind in the entire world and it is been offered to the world regardless of color and caste. The topic has been always hidden from ancient times and was only with the few which we used to call as enlightened beings.

The enlightenment is a process and can be achieved through the right knowledge and right path. Therefore the aim to provide in-depth knowledge based on the Sanatan Dharama under the guidance of Guru Sri Hitendra.

Enlightenment Studies brings all the aspects into light in which the seeker attains the exact position of an enlightened being. And the enlightenment, in which is a process in which we always wondered about being very difficult, is now made easy.

The path of enlightenment has been into light through ages. but did not became public knowledge and due to this the ignorance in the society about enlightenment remained.  

Enlightenment is achievable and one can transform to the magnificent beings at any stage and continue to practice his life as an ordinary human until his last breath, but the difference he/she brings to himself is adorable to himself and the society.

Why one cannot become an enlightened doctor or an engineer, a enlightened social worker,  or an enlightened musician etc... The state of enlightenment can be achieved in just three months. Gone the old days where one have to strive a lot to get the secret and to finding the treasure was like a dream

All the seven semesters is offered in a classroom on full and part time basis and through Distance Learning mode. Those who needs Upadhis (title) has to pass the Special Examination of the concerned semester from time to time.

Classroom Learning Mode: The Total fees is per family + 1 friend (To be nominated at the time of registration who can attend 5 topics per semester).

Optional:-  Vegetarian Meal to be provided during lunch hours at the venue. Hostel Facility is also available - A guest house with moderate family room (A.C) can be made available if the candidate wishes to undergo the courses at Kanpur. For this he/she has to inform the office well in advance. For this the fees is separate and may change as per the Guest House rules and the caterer.

Now, no more dreams, the reality has begun and is available at your ease.

 Get the best out of you and get transformed to your original form, where you enjoy the highest bliss and seat that the Almighty has bestowed to the humankind. Do not be in illusion, it's true, the transformation has begun, and you can be one of them. If you are an engineer, doctor, politician, businessmen, corporate person, teacher/professor, accountant, social worker, army personal, govt. official and else and you want to be free and looking for transformation then this course can give you all you need. You become the best, magnificent, super being, lovable, leader, high intellectual, guru and even rise above the pain and suffering and live wonderfully in this planet. A course so beautifully designed for everyone of any religion and is fully devoted to all the humans of this planet. Path of Enlightenment is the real Sanatan Dharama - The Eternal Religion.

The course material shall be provided at the time of the commencing the course.

Note: This course is intended for family (5 members of a family including 1 friend) (The nominated friend can opt only 5 topics within the course) i.e, the fees payable is for all the persons within the family limit to 5 only). An individual can also opt this course at a special discount of 50% on the total fees in classroom Learning mode. Distance Learning Mode is also available and is restricted to one person per registration
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Think twice and be free from this world of pain and suffering. Enlighten yourself and don't be at the mercy of your fate. Learn the ancient art and know the science of Enlightenment and its true secret. This  secret has remained in the hands of few and now it is open to the entire human race. You can join individually or along with the family, but don't miss the chance of true freedom of your being because you and your life is the most precious of all.

There are so many temples, mosques, church and places of worship to the Almighty, but none of them show the path of wisdom in the true sense. And now the Lord Sri Kalki School of Enlightenment vows to enlighten the entire human race and strengthen the human knot in peace and righteousness

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Planning for a Holiday

If you are planning for a holiday then Join the course and make your holiday the life turning and bring ultimate freedom.

Plan your holiday with us.

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The first stage towards Enlightenment

(Knowledge content - Whatsoever I wanted to know, I know it now.)

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The second stage towards Enlightenment.

(Fruit content - Whatsoever I wanted to give, I have given now)

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The third stage towards Enlightenment.

(Shakti content - Whatsoever Shakti I wanted and now I posses it and do not need further)

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The fourth step towards Enlightenment.

(Maya/Illusion content - I can see the Maya and I am not affected by it)

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The fifth stage towards Enlightenment

(Everything is Braham, including me. All spaces are filled with Braham)

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The sixth stage towards Enlightenment.

(Braham is this Universe including me)

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