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Why Peace?

May there be Peace!

The necessity for Peace in this world is inevitable and therefore the need for such type of education. Peace Education helps to brings peace in the society which yields happiness, support, health, productivity, friendship, care & life. Violence is emerging in an unprecedented manner in human society. Looking at the world today any sensible person feels disheartened and even horrified to see the kind of violent acts being committed by man against man and nature. It is sad to realize that we live in an era of unprecedented violence in the forms of terrorism, war, crimes, injustice and oppression and exploitation amidst a seemingly outward development enjoyed by a few. The majority of mankind lives in stark poverty, struggling for bare survival. There is so much disorder and confusion in the society man has built for himself.

The saddest part of the story is that this state of disorder and confusion in the society is affecting the children's innocent minds. Children naturally absorb the spirit of violence in the atmosphere and will soon grow to be the next generation of perpetuators of violence. Therefore the need to nurture peace in the hearts of children has arisen as urgent issues to be addressed. Joining the Peace Education will strengthen your knot with your society around. You will learn the basic strategy to establish the Peace around you and you will not be a mare witness to all the grievances of the society. Let the world be in Peace. The course is designed for teachers, intellectuals, lawyers, philosophers, peace makers and those who care for peace. Students gets certificates after completion of the course.

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Our Peace Mission

Support us in making Peace

We are grateful to those who solve the disputes by peaceful methods and eradicate the evils of war and crimes and help us to bring harmony in the society. You even can become a peaceful person by establishing yourself in the art of making peace and this can be only be done if you and your community join us and learn the process of peace making which is a skill, necessary to all the persons of the world.

 Join us as a peacekeeper and promote by spreading the peace education throughout the society.

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Since wars begin in the minds of men it is in the minds of men that the defense of peace must be constructed


Certificate in Peace Education

Duration: 1 week 2 hrs per day or

Fast Track: 3 days 4 hrs per day


Course Fees

Fees of the course - Indian Rs. 1000/= (cost of the courseware included)

Price of the Courseware - Indian Rs. 250/= paid in advance by Cheque/ Transfer/ VPP.

The course can be conducted in any town/city if there are about 20 candidates.


Contents of the Course

1.  What is Peace Education?

2.  The Way of Peace

3.  Designing Programs

4.  Ways of Integrating Peace into the Curriculum

5.  Practices that Make School a Place of Peace

6.  Peace Teacher - Peace Methods

7.  Developing Staff

8.  Reducing Violence in School

9.   A Model for Peace Education

10. Think Positively

11. Be Compassionate and Do No Harm

12. Discover Inner Peace

13. Learn to Live Together

14. Respect for Human Dignity

15. Be Your True Self

16. Think Critically

17. Resolve Conflict Non-Violently

18. Build Peace in the Community

19. Care for the Planet

20. Evaluating Peace Learning