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Gita is the speech of the Almighty God given to his/her worshippers during certain times which has been recorded by the magnificent sages of that time. It contains all the essential elements to be known to the human kind in the form of Dharma. Even it nourishes the entire knot between Him and his devotee in the form of knowledge and bliss, beside it also gives the knowledge of the enlightenment in a precise way. It not only cast of the evil from the society but also ensures the devotee of his achievement.

There are various Gita recorded in our ancient scriptures and these form a very prominent position in our eternal religion. But the exact meaning is to be unfolded and it can only be understood well when it is presented by a Guru.

Lord Sri Kalki School of Vedic Studies brings entirely all the sacred words of the Almighty known as Gita to the society in a very precise way where the students learns entirely the true hidden meanings of the words of the Almighty in a classroom which is first of its kind.

The school also conducts courses, seminars and group discussion, workshops, coaching of the various ancient sacred texts, once again to bring back the original Sanatan Dharma.

Note: This course is intended for family (5 members of a family including 1 friend)  i.e, the fees payable is for all the persons within the family limit to 5 only.

An individual can also opt this course at a special discount of 50% on the total fees. Same applies to International participants also.

Download the Brochure of Gita for list of courses on Gita which can be learned either in classroom/seminar or in your home through One-to-one coaching.

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Courses on Demand

If you and your community is willing to undergo a particular topic at your place at your convenience, then the school can held classes on that particular topic at your place. For this you need to contact our office for the time management and planning.


One-to-one Coaching

One-to-one Coaching is available to all the topics, but the fees shall be different than the normal. Also it depends upon the availability of time with the Acharya or Guru.



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The 108 Upanishad is the essence of transformation and enlightenment...