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Practical Yoga or Yogasana

The Yoga is patience (Saiyam) oriented with Ektattvabhayas and is equipped with sixteen organs in perfection. The Prana or Atman of eight fold Yoga is Bhakti and without it the Yoga cannot be achieved. Yogasana is the third element of the  Hatha Yoga after Yam and Niyam. Yogasana is vital for a healthy body and helps the learner to develop the art of patience and self control over their senses, mind and body. A four month course of two hours practical per day is enough to learn Yogasana for a new learner, but the advance level also needs patience and practice in front of a learned. The students can learn the intermediary or the advanced level directly through a direct entry only through practical interview i.e. they have to perform all the basic Asanas to go to the next level.


Special classes for needy for different ailments can also be opted where the learned Acharya (Yoga Instructor) gives one-to-one coaching taking care of all the components necessary for the person to become once again to start a healthy life


One-to-one coaching (Male & Female Yoga Instructor) is also available for self and family and for homes/schools/institutions and offices for corporate and individual trainings for different masses.


Students gets certificates after completion of the course. They can become the member of the Yoga Club and may continue to be associated with the school and may  continue with their Asanas further for their overall development.

Note: This course is intended for individual only i.e., the fees payable is for only single person.

Download the Brochure of Yoga for more information about the contents of the course and its fees.



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Download the Brochure of Yoga




Career as Yoga Instructor

Yoga is now considered as a vital element to sustain the health and spiritual aspect of our being, as it promises holistic development of the individual which is essential in his growth and longevity. More demands in this field is now felt as a career option. Certified Yoga Instructor is in demand and its availability is a big problem as there are societies, institutions, corporate offices, schools, hospitals, gym centres, hospitality centres, clubs, resorts, community centres, business centres and individuals locally, nationally and internationally looking for it. Certified Yoga Instructor are paid well and their income is comparatively good with other good occupations.



Main Features
  • 240 hours of special training covering every aspects. 

  • Fully practical & intensive training.

  • Special classes for the needy.

  • One-to-one Coaching available.

  • Three levels of teaching for all yoga practitioner.

  • Focus on Holistic Development of physical health

  • Dealing with injuries and safety precautions.

  • Observing, assisting, controlling, informing and correcting of postures.

  • Career as a Yoga Instructor & setting up own studio, school or business.

  • Building network with other yoga teachers, schools, studios and retreats.

  • Students of all classes of society.

  • Developing life style and ethics for a yoga practitioner and teacher.  



Special Classes for Senior citizen, Ladies & Obese category




One-to-one Coaching Available



Integrated Course

All the courses run by the school is integrated towards the process of enlightenment and do resemble as a quality that is to be possessed by an enlightened person. These courses can be integrated and can be done one by one to become to qualify for the highest seat - Gurupad. The students becomes life long member of the society and be entitled to the benefits after completion of the entire course. The fees payable for the integrated course shall be 50% of the entire fees.