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Open a Gurukul (Franchise) at your place/city

Noble actions leads nobility.  If you are looking for an opportunity to promote Sanatan Dharma along with us as a community, then this is a right place as we are fully engaged in enlightenment process and have full information which is original and copyrighted. 

You can either visit our office or call our representatives for enquiry.



Ancient city Bithoor

Bithoor is 23.5 kms away from Kanpur city at the banks of river Ganga.

Bithoor is known for various reason.

Sage Sri Valmiki along with Goddess Sita have their abode and the sacred Rayamayan has been written in this place . It is the birthplace of Luv and Kush the twin sons of Lord Sri Ram.

Brahma Kuthi is also in the holy city of Bithoor where the Creator Sri Brahma originated the creation process of humanity.

The fort of Nana Sahib  the centre of revolt of 1857 against the British Empire is situated at the heart of Bithoor.

The holy Brahmavart Ghat is famous which is near Dhruv Tila, where the famous Dhruv have meditated Sri Vishnu and was granted the boon of having the only position of the Pole star Dhruv. A holy dip in the Ghats of Bithoor along with special prayers can make anyone enter the spiritual abode of peace and bliss.


Plan your holidays with us

Your life is precious and what are you doing with it? If you are really serious of yourself then whenever you are free, plan your holidays with us. We shall make it remarkable with the most important messages and enlighten you to enjoy the rest of your life in peace, serenity and faith. Your daily doses shall be little Yoga, Meditations, special Yagnas, your visits to the nearby places of interest, your spiritual questions and lectures, Vedic prayers, good vegetarian meals and transformational studies. You can choose your topic of interest to plan a holiday with us.



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