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Every Mission starts with a Vision

Lord Sri Kalki Enlightenment Foundation is the outcome of the visions of Guru Sri Hitendra.

He is an Enlightened Master who has brought the lone path of spiritual enlightenment and has motivated thousands to follow the path of Sanatan Dharma - The Eternal Religion.

He has a vivid knowledge of the entire process of Enlightenment, Yoga, Astrology, Palmistry, Occult  Sciences, Transformation, Gita, Upanishads, Vedas, Vastu, Sacred Texts, Information Science, etc...

He believes simplicity and truthfulness can alone make one to qualify for knowledge of Enlightenment.

He has authored several books and have delivered several lectures on various topics related to enlightenment.

"Enlightenment Made Easy: Gyanda" was the first book in the series of Enlightenment Studies and the first document to 'knowledge content' in which information from the sacred texts has been mapped up to enlighten to the first stage of the seven steps of Jyoti Path - The Path of Light.

His later book "Beginners Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment' covers step-by-step procedure for a beginner to proceed to the final step. The book emphasize the readers to read different books and topics, what to read first and how to proceed, find references which they don't have the direct access, proceed without a guide and promising sure success in reaching the quest.

'Sri Shakti Gita' is one of the most important sacred texts known as pillar of the Sanatan Dharma has been out of sight since centuries. The translated version of this sacred texts will be once again available soon as the Foundation is ready for publication to such rare sacred texts.   



Other Core Members

The key members involved in the formation of the Foundation are the true supporters of the Sanatan Dharma and against all hypocrisy. Late Sri Krishna Kumar Tewari has served as Librarian in Sri Radha Krishna Temple Library and has served as the first Chairperson, Smt Neelam Tewari ( Deputy Chairperson) working as a Primary Teacher in the Govt. Primary School, Sri Varun Agarwal (Treasurer) is a business man, Dr. Akshay Agnihotri is a renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sri Shubham Beriwal is a business man and Sri Sheo Shankar Misra is Govt. servant in Income Tax Department.



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Community Library

A small library with several books on Religion, Astrology, References etc... has been started for the community. The motive of opening a library is to empower the community with the knowledge of Sanatan Dharma. The foundation also help and assist others to open such libraries by providing professional guidance.

Lord Sri Kalki Publications

A place for publishing the lost heritage of the Sanantan Dharma and to provide new authors the opportunity to publish their research in various formats.



Learning is a continuous process for holistic development. Conducting Seminars, Workshops and Conferences are on the list. Also, the conversion of Vedic literature into audio format makes learning more easy. Sri Vishnu Puran, Sri Narsingh Puran, Srimad Bhagvat Gita, Matsya Mahapuran etc... are now available in audio format.


The objective of the foundation was to enlighten the masses of our rich cultural heritage which is in the form of Sanatan Dharma. In this regard various schools run by the foundation is in process and admission to some of the courses have already begun. Lord Sri Kalki School of Enlightenment, Lord Sri Kalki School of Vedic Studies, Lord Sri Kalki School of Peace, Lord Sri Kalki School of Yoga and Lord Sri Kalki School of Astrology are been established for Classroom and Distance Learning.


Development of own Course Material for the various courses needs research. Preparation of Distance Learning Material, Internet Resource Catalogue on subjects like Philosophy & Religion, Mapping of various sacred religious texts, Translation Services, etc... are the common areas of research undergoing.